CBD for your W.O.D.

r e l a x  ,  r e s t o r e  ,  r e c o v e r

Your Workout Of The Day Just Got Interesting.

This is WODcream.

WODcream is a natural, CBD-based muscle pain relief cream for pre and post-workout self-care.

Whether you’re a casual treadmill-and-texter or a high intensity athlete, post-workout muscle soreness is inevitable. This is called “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” (or DOMS) and it’s completely normal- just a bummer. DOMS is caused by the inflammation of the muscle, which triggers that achy sensation we’re all familiar with.

How does it work?

CBD can help soothe the pain of muscle soreness in overworked areas due to its anti-inflammatory properties. WODcream can be used pre and/or post-workout to reduce muscle tension, pain, and soreness.

Unlike most athletic creams, WODcream’s first ingredient is 500mg of cannabidiol (CBD). We were inspired by the high intensity workout regimens of the crossfit community, and wanted to make a powerful product that works as hard as your body does.

Not only that- it’s good for your skin, too! Formulated with natural emollients like coconut butter and jojoba oil moisturize, while eucalyptus, rose, and tea tree oil relieve skin irritation and leave you smelling amaaaazing.

What's in it?

Cannabidiol 500mg, Coconut Oil, Organic Bee's Wax, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Rose Jojoba Oil Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Arnica oil

How do I get it?

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Now get back in the gym. ♡